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Okay, I am become fan. Me, one of the people in earth that not so much passio  or have education about music, start to looking for album music...


I am freaking out. Total freaking out. And the most freaking out that I felt is I am really calm. Really really calm. Damn calm demeanor. In fact, I am happy!!!

Okay sorry that I start to bitching about this. I will tell you a little about me. First...I have a bad personality in remember. The fact...I am not so caring person at all. I even don't remember my friend name or their face. And I never ever remember part of music such its title, lyric, or damn composer.

Maybe at least every person remember the lyric, pr the singer. But me, I am not in category to caring any of it and the worst maybe.

That's why that first time I remember a song in album!!! And that's awesome!!

The first album I start to remembered is The Beginning from JYJ. And it's because PARK YOOCHUN.

After that faithful day, I start to learn more about JYJ. Their member, company management, album, etc. But all of it, I am obsess with PARK YOOCHUN.

It's like, I am envy with him and I am respect his life. At first I thought he is arrogant. But after looking his shows, I just realize that this Park is not someone I shouldn't know.

His front and back career is really tough. And when he is smiling in his ramen commercial....er....Kismyeon...I forgot the name, it's so beautiful and bright.

I totally fall as fan as hard that day.

I start looking more in youtube about him. His funny, sad, dork, etc. side, all of them is amazing. I like his deep voice a lot. That's totally his charm for his cute face.

His story about family is totally blow for my heart. Because after I watch and learn about it, it change all my bad opinion about life.

His mother and brother, his fame, his rich life, etc. Are not easily get down to him. I thought he is rich guy, because he has the aura that he is not from poor family.

When I watch his life in COME ON OVERshow, he is really humble and simple person. Even I know sometimes the show is lie and has script, but I don't know when I watch this, I completely believe every single part on that show. After it, no matter I spend my time, I will looking PARK YOOCHUN in every second I have.

Until one day, I am watching JYJ concert in Tokyo Dome and looking to one person that has special laugh, I start to writing. You must know about him.


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